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Training Programs

AtBats offers a variety of different training programs for both baseball and softball. These include private instruction, clinics, and camps.

Private Instruction

Private instruction can be centered on a variety of different skills: hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and any combination in between. Lessons can be 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes, depending on what the athlete can handle, and what a particular coach offers. Our coaching staff includes specialists in every area of softball and baseball instruction, and we'll work to pair you with an instructor that works for the athlete.

To schedule private lessons with our coaching staff:

1) Either call our front desk during open hours or email Facility Manager Alison Gaffney at

2) Let us know what type of lesson (what skill(s)), and for what time duration

3) If you have a coach in mind for your athlete, let us know and we will work with you and the coach to coordinate availability.

3) If you do not have a coach in mind, we will coordinate your availability with availability of the coaching staff member that fits your athlete's needs

Private Lesson Rates & Packages

Lesson Rates

30-minute lesson: $50

45-minute lesson: $65

60-minute lesson: $80

75-minute lesson: $95

90-minute lesson: $110

Lesson Packages

Lesson Packages allow you to purchase 5 lesson sessions at once, at a slightly discounted rate.

5 30-minute lessons: $240 

5 45-minute lessons: $310

5 60-minute lessons: $380

Clinics (Fall and Winter)

Our clinics are a small-group format (between 4 and 10 players, depending on the clinic) and are run during the Fall and Winter seasons. Clinics are meant to help players develop their skills in the offseason, without working necessarily one-on-one with a coach. We offer a variety of skill-specific clinics at different age levels.

Rookies: Rookies is designed to introduce the games of baseball and softball to kids aged 5-7. Rookies is a fun-driven clinic that also works to establish the start of good mechanics in throwing, receiving, and hitting. A great way to get kids up and moving, Rookies is a great opportunity to try something new! Group format, max of 10 players.

All-Skills: Our All-Skills program is our core training program for players aged 7-11. No experience is required for this clinic, the skills are taught from the ground up. Coaches will cover throwing and receiving basic fielding, and basic hitting mechanics. Group format, max of 8 players.

Intro to Pitching: Intro to Pitching’s goal is to encourage young players (ages 7-11) towards the position and skill set for pitching, and focus on establishing basic pitching mechanics. Small group format, max of 4 players, no experience required. Each player MUST bring a catcher to catch for them, whether that is a parent, sibling, or teammate.

Intro to Catching: Our Intro to Catching series is geared at players wishing to try out the catching position. The course will cover the basic fundamentals of catching, and help young kids to gain experience and strength in the position. Group format, max of 4-6 players, no experience required. 

Next Level Hitting: Next Level Hitting is geared towards experienced players (ages 11-14) looking to advance their hitting skills and mechanics. The focus will be geared towards each player in the group, as coaches work to help each individual advance their skills in the areas that they most need. Small group format, max of 6 players, some experience preferred.

Next Level Fielding: Next Level Fielding is for experienced players, ages 11-14. For safety purposes, players attending this clinic should feel comfortable throwing and catching (if your child falls in this age range but is new to the game, let us know and we’ll find a set-up that works for everyone!). Next Level Fielding will work to help players advance their fielding mechanics and gain experience and confidence in a variety of positions, infield and outfield included. Group format, max of 8 players, experience required (should feel comfortable throwing and catching).

Next Level Pitching: Next Level Pitching is for players ages 11-14 who want to advance their mechanics and skills as pitchers. No pitching experience is necessarily required for this clinic, as coaches will gear drills and coaching to each individual player. This program will work to advance pitching mechanics as well as help players develop mentally on the mound and bring new pitches into their repertoire. Small group format, max of 4 players, some experience preferred. Each player MUST bring a catcher to catch for them, whether that is a parent, sibling, or teammate.

Next Level Catching: Next Level Catching is geared at players that have experience catching and are looking to advance and hone their skillset. This camp is geared towards players aged 11-14. Next Level Catching will cover all aspects of catching, as well as endurance and conditioning. Group format, max of 6 players, catching experience preferred.

High School Advanced Hitting: High School Advanced Hitting Clinics are for high school (or entering high school players) ages 14-18. Experience is expected, and this level of clinic is geared at more advanced players that have travel ball experience. Coaches will work to prepare players to face high-level pitching and handle different types of pitches, as well as continue to develop good hitting mechanics and confidence at the plate. Small group format, max of 4-6 players, experience required.

High School Advanced Fielding: High School Advanced Fielding Clinics are for high school (or entering high school players) ages 14-18. Experience is expected, and this level of clinic is geared at more advanced players that have travel ball experience. Coaches will focus on preparing players to face high-school-level play on the field in a multitude of positions. Skills to cover will include double plays, bunt defense, outfield throwing mechanics, and more. Group format, max of 8 players, experience required.

Our Fall, Winter 1, Winter 2, and Preseason Clinics are now LIVE for the 2023-2024 season! Fall clinics run Nov-Dec, Winter 1 from Dec-Jan, Winter 2 from Jan-Feb, and Preseason from Feb-March.

Camps (Summer + Winter Break)

Our Camps are held mainly in the summer, along with occasional camps during school breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and February vacation. Camps are essentially longer-term clinics; they are structured very similarly, but usually run 2-4 hours and 4-5 days per week rather than single-hour sessions once a week. We offer camps for all ages and skill-levels, and work to ensure every player that attends our camps leaves improved.

Baseball Rookies & Softball 8U-10U Skills: Rookies (ages 5-7) and 8U-10U Skills (ages 5-11) are camps geared at beginners, minimal experience. Coaches will establish basic mechanics for throwing, receiving, fielding, and hitting, as well as basic game fundamentals, teamwork, and athleticism.

Baseball Minors/Majors & Softball 12U-14U Skills: Baseball Minors (ages 7-11), Majors (ages 11-14), and Softball 12U-14U (ages 11-14) are geared at both beginners and experienced players. Camps will be divided by skill level to allow coaches to help each player develop at their own speed and get the most out of camp. Coaches will focus on establishing and honing throwing and receiving mechanics, as well as help them take the next steps in hitting and fielding. For older ages and skill levels, coaches will help players develop positionally, and advance to the next level of their play.

Pitchers & Catchers: Our Pitching & Catching camps (ages 7-15) are positionally geared at pitchers and catchers and will also cover positional fielding for both pitchers and catchers as well. This camp will not cover hitting, aside from potential live batting practice. Younger players with less experience will receive more fundamental instruction of mechanics, while older and more experienced players will work to develop new pitches, increasing speed, power, and control, blocking, throwdowns, and pitch calling.

Elite Skills: Elite Camp (ages 12-18) is for experienced, high-level players. This camp is run in the style of an elite tournament ball/high school varsity practice. Players attending this camp should already feel comfortable throwing, receiving, hitting, and fielding safely. Coaches will cover positional fielding, sliding and diving, advanced hitting mechanics, as well as fitness and conditioning.

as of the end of August 2023, Summer Camps are officially out of season. Check out our Fall/Winter Clinic schedules for group training opportunities!

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