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The areas finest indoor softball and baseball training facility, providing professional instruction and 10,000 square feet of training space designed for full-scale team workouts.
  • Professional softball and baseball instruction
  • Team workout packages and programs
  • 6 extra large training areas for hitting and pitching
  • Fully netted field areas and drill stations
  • Full-scale clay bullpen (with radar gun) for two pitchers
  • Professional sports lighting and college sports turf
  • Iron Mike arm-style and Jugs pitching machines

Free indoor practices available for fall youth baseball and softball teams! Call 978-266-1766 for details.

New baseball clinics starting in December and January!
New rounds of our 5-week programs start in December, including our NEW Advanced Skills Clinic for ages 11-14! Other programs include fundamentals skills programs and advanced specific skills programs for hitting, pitching, and catching. For details and full schedule, please click "learn more..."

Winter softball clinics for basic to advanced levels!
New rounds of our 5-week softball clinics start this month! Available clinics include Softball All-Skills for ages 8-11, Hitting for ages 8-11, 11-14, & High School levels, Advanced Skills Clinic for ages 11-14, and Softball Pitching & Softball Catching for basic and advanced levels.. For updated schedule, please click "learn more..."

Baseball High School Hitting Workouts Available!
Our semi-private High School Hitting Workouts with college coaches are available with Boston College coach Jimmy Van Ostrand, Umass Boston coaches Brendan Eygabroat & Bobby Barrett, and Brandeis coach Steve Donovan. Click "learn more..." for full schedule and information.

Softball Pitching & Catching Clinics Available!
Softball Pitching clinics for ages 8-11 & 11-14 with coach Allie Hardy and Kaitlin Andrews are now available! We also have Softball Catching for ages 9-12 and 13-18 with April Eringis. For updated schedule, please click "learn more..."

Hitting, Pitching, and Catching Clinics Available!
Hitting, pitching, and catching clinics are available for basic and advanced levels! Catching clinics are available for basic and advanced/high school levels with Umass-Boston coaches Brendan Eygabroat and Bobby Barrett. For more information and full schedule, please click "learn more..."

New Advanced Softball Programs for HS players!
Harvard U coach Jenny Allard will be running two NEW programs for experienced HS players. Her fast-paced "Collegiate Softball Skills Workout" covers offensive and defensive skills, and her "Off-season Pitcher Conditioning" is a college-level strength & conditioning program for experienced pitchers. For more information, please click "learn more..."

Baseball Fundamentals Clinics for ages 5-10 Available!
Our Baseball Rookies program for ages 5-6 and Baseball All-Skills for ages 7-10 with Coach Steve Donovan and Connor Buckley teach the fundamental skills of fielding, throwing, hitting, and game know-how. For details and schedule options, please click "learn more..."

Softball Hitting & Defense Clinics Available for ages 8-11 & 11-14
Our 5-week Softball All-Skills Program teaches the fundamentals of hitting, throwing, and fielding for ages 8-11. Our Advanced Skills Clinic with High School coaches Meaghan O'Neal and April Eringis covers advanced hitting & defensive skills, positional play, and conditioning for ages 11-14. New rounds of these programs begin this month! For full schedule, please click "learn more..."

Baseball lessons available with AtBats instructors; basic to advanced levels
Looking for an in-season tune-up? AtBats baseball instructors are available for private lessons in pitching, hitting, and defensive skills, including Brandeis U coach Steve Donovan, BC coach Jimmy Van Ostrand, UMass-Boston coach Bobby Barrett and pro-pitcher Ryan Leach. Please call AtBats for details...

Private softball lessons available for basic and advanced levels
AtBats softball instructors are available for private lessons covering a range of skills including pitching, hitting, defense, slaphitting, and catching. Call AtBats for more information...

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